Can't access prodigy from outside aws machine

I'm currently working with the version 1.8.5, i set up a custom recipe, on my local machine it works perfectly when i access from my machine, but, for production purposes, i enabled an aws machine (ubuntu server 20.04) and install all necessary dependencies and start prodigy.
Doing a "curl -s localhost:8888" (i edited the port in the config) is sending me the correct html, but i can't access this port from the outside (i opened the port inside the machine to all traffic and also have it in the security group of aws) also i set up manually the cors config to true, just in case.

any ideas what I'm missing?

I solved the issue putting the host as "*"

For other people out there looking for a solution: what does that mean is that you need to change the prodigy setup config file "host" for "*".

For example, mine is:

host: "*"
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