cannot import name 'Schema' from 'pydantic'

Im going to load my custom prodigy web-app using docker. However, I got this error:

the version of installed pydantic, spacy and prodigy are as follow:


I already ran recipe in docker but this time the issue is not solved. Could you please help me?

Hi! Are you sure the prodigy in your conda environment is the correct version? Because this import was explicitly removed in Prodigy v1.10.7 so if you're running the versions you reported, you shouldn't be seeing this error. So maybe your python / prodigy refers to a different environment than the one you expect?

Also see this thread for background and a similar environment problem:

Yes I'm sure. because the only version that I downloaded and installed is 1.10.8. You can also see following screen shot from base conda env:

I really get stuck in this issue.

That's definitely strange because that line of code really shouldn't be there in that version. (Btw, did you double-check that which python and which ipython point to the same Python used by the environment, i.e. /opt/conda?)

Alternatively, you can always downgrade pydantic, but the expected version here is pydantic==1.7. Again, it seems like this is not the version used in that conda environment because pydantic v1.7 should have that import available.