Cannot find custom end points


For a QA workfow I want to have a custom endpoint for my custom recipe, but for some reason I cannot detect the endpoint after.

def custom_recipe(dataset):
    stream = my _custom_loader(config)"/just_test")
    def test():

It seems that my problem is slightly different. I can see endpoints if I modify prodigy/ , but I would like to have the endpoint in my own file. Any idea how to do this?

What happens if you define your endpoint at the root of your file instead of the recipe function? Because by the time custom_recipe is called, the server is already running. If you need state from the recipe in your endpoint, you could always solve that with globals.

I have tried that, but no matter where I put them I cannot access them or see them in the docs. Could you provide a working example? I think I'm missing something :sweat_smile: