Bypass Validation glitch

Recently, I discovered a bug that will basically bypass the server validation.
When you press the A key or pressing the Accept button repeatedly at a fast pace (not sure about reject but probably the same) while the server is validating the current image (and has pass the validation), the image ahead of the current image will be accepted even if it didn't pass the validation requirement (the amount of image being accepted ahead is depend on how many time the button are clicked.).

Thanks for the report!

Especially with large files like images that are sent back and forth, it's pretty difficult to prevent slightly unideal behaviours if you just hold down the A key. I haven't tested this in detail yet but it looks like this problem should be easy to solve by additional checks against the task hash and blocking. (Of course, the experience won't be very nice because you'll get stuck with the alert, but... that's also kinda the point.)

True, but I rather have a bunch of alerts (which can be quickly closed out by holding enter) than image bypassing the validation requirement which may alter the model's result during training.