Avoid tasks to be stolen between sessions

Hello, I'm trying new custom task routing feature.
I faced with the issue that when all tasks are completed by annotator. I see following message : session1 has stolen item with hash -1652070420 from session2.
I need the task to be routed to session exactly I specified in task router. And do not want tasks to be stolen between sessions. How to avoid tasks to be stolen from other sessions ?

I use version: 1.12a4

hi @TatyanaKavalenkaTR,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Prodigy community :wave:

Do you mean work stealing?

We've also added to v1.12 the ability to turn off work stealing in the config. You can do this by setting allow_work_stealing: false. Here's a bit of background about work stealing:

Update: we've also a new section in our docs on work stealing:

In addition to upcoming material on v1.12, we're planning upcoming material that will deep dive more into topics like handling edge cases that can cause duplicates/missing data (and how to avoid them). We'd be grateful for any feedback or suggestions!

Hope this helps!

@ryanwesslen Thank you very much! This option 'allow_work_stealing' did what I need!
I also noticed if user reach the end of stream, answers are not auto-saved. So user see the message "No tasks available" and had to press Save icon manually. So it will be easy for user to forget to press Save . Is there an option to Save answers when end stream reached ?

This has come up before:

As he mentions, we don't have a ready-to-go option but do have an internal ticket to consider this. Thanks for the feedback as we'll add your request to the ticket. I'll post back if we make a fix. But unfortunately for now, I think just reminding annotators to click the save button is the best option.