Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis


Is it possible to extend ner.manual with an additional dropdown (with some predefined options like "pos", "neg", "neutral") for each selected span? My goal is to build an interface for aspect-based sentiment annotation.

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Could you maybe model this into the existing label scheme and have multiple options for each label that express both? This would be the easiest solution and it'd mean that you wouldn't require an additional click after adding a span.

Hello, Ines! Thanks for the answer. About a year ago it seems I saw smb did that, I can't find where I saw it (like small dropdowns close to each span). I already have 40k reviews annotated with about 5-10 spans for each one....

Is it possible to see the current ner.manual HTML template, so I can rethink what to change/add?