Annotation Result - API

Hi Team,

Is there any way I can get the annotation results through API, I don't want to login every time to my server to get my annotation result. how can I get through API ? I checked all your Swagger but I couldn't find any.

The Python API allows you to get results via;

from prodigy.components.db import connect

db = connect()
dataset = db.get_dataset("test_dataset")

More information on this programmatic API here.

I'm not aware of a web API that allows you to fetch all the labelled instances. I can also imagine that it'd be a significant security concern to enable anyone to download your labelled (and typically private) data from a public endpoint.

Are you logging into the server via SSH? If so, that's what I typically also do, but I use the SSH feature of VSCode to log in automatically. If this sounds interesting, you may enjoy a tutorial that I made a while ago. You'd need to setup your ssh keys on both your machine and the server, then configure your ~/.ssh/config and from there VSCode can pick it up. The experience is almost like using VSCode locally, so I can highly recommend it.

No I have to login through remote desktop.