Annotate from dictionary API

I am planning to use prodigy for annotation. The goal is linking the word with its actual meaning from a dictionary.

The annotation choices should come from the dictionary API. When I click random word from the given text, different meanings come (as the word could have different meanings) and the annotator choose the best meaning based on the context.

Is it applicable to do that using prodigy? if yes, could you please show me how to do that? since I couldn't find any reference that could help in that matter.
Many thanks.

Hi Asma,

Yes that usage of Prodigy definitely makes sense!

We're not able to offer custom recipe development as part of the Prodigy pricing though, because the scope of a project can quickly expand and we've prioritised getting the software out into more people's hands at a one-time price. I hope the documentation on developing custom recipes and the examples are helpful.

There are a number of videos on YouTube. This example recipe would be a good starting point for adjustment: prodigy-recipes/tutorials/terms-from-ner at master · explosion/prodigy-recipes · GitHub . If you find Prodigy isn't easy enough or not a good fit for your use-case we'd be happy to issue a refund.