Add user input field to spans.manual recipe


Is it possible to add a user input field to the spans.manual recipe in prodigy.json? I find that the user input field is always useful in the UI to collect annotator insights and questions if this could be added as an option.


In theory, yes! The only thing you'd need to adjust here is the view_id, which should be blocks instead of spans_manual (or any other interface). This is something you'd have to adjust in the recipe code at the moment. The quick and dirty solution would be to find the location of your installation via prodigy stats and then edit the built-in recipe.

I'll think about a good way to make this configurable from the outside, e.g. via an environment variable, similar to the PRODIGY_CONFIG_OVERRIDES. The part that's potentially tricky here is that not every view ID can be overwritten by any other view ID, because the data formats are different. (Changing spans_manual to blocks with a spans_manual block is of course no problem, but other combinations wouldn't necessarily work.)