UI - Block "ignoring" using space


(Alonisser) #1

While I removed (using custom index.html and a css class hiding the footer) the buttons allowing ignore. It’s still possible to ignore things using “space” key. Is it possible to block this?


(Ines Montani) #2

There’s no setting for this at the moment, but you could intercept the keydown event and stop it from propagating if it’s the space bar. For example:

document.querySelector('#root').addEventListener('keydown', function(event) {
    if (event.keyCode === 32) {  // key code for "space"

This stops the key event from propagating to the parent containers – i.e. the document.body, which the other keydown listeners are attached to.

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(Alonisser) #3

Thanks! working for now!
Really seems like something the ought to configurable