textcat.teach won't start

Hi, I’m trying to run textcat.teach off an existing model but prodigy seems to be hanging.

(py3) $ prodigy textcat.teach potentially_interesting interesting-model --label INTERESTING

What’s a good way to debug this?


I haven’t tried this with Prodigy before, but in general I do sudo perf top to find the function that the processor is spending its time in. (This requires the linux-tools package to be installed.)

Another thing you can do is make edits to the textcat.teach recipe, within prodigy/recipes/textcat.py — the source for this is included. You could make your own recipes file, or just edit the file in your site-packages.

Within the recipe, you would want to have a generator function that adds printing around the stream and update() functions, like this:

def debug_stream(stream):
    for item in stream:
        yield item

def debug_update(batch):
    return model.update(batch)

I see now that we really need a lot more logging options. We’ll add that to the roadmap.