Support for linking labeling

We want an interface for linking to a large ontology. We want to be able to view pre-labeled spans and then "correct" them using some sort of autosuggest (react-select), you could configure a either a large list to be loaded synchronously or provide some route to get suggestions based on a type-ahead -- Is there any way to accomplish this now? Maybe some listener on a field that fetches suggestions?

Hi! Do you have an example of how you imagine the correction process to work, just so I can make sure I understand what you're trying to build? And how do you compute the suggestions, do you know them when a task is created?

As of v1.10, the text_input UI supports a field_suggestions setting that lets you pre-populate it with auto-suggestions: It's still a free-form input, but with suggestions, it becomes a typeahead field and supports pressing to see all available options.