Prodigy patterns not behaving like Spacy patterns

@ronaldoviber Thanks, I appreciate that! We actually briefly considered delaying the stable spaCy v2.1 release until Prodigy was ready, but we quickly discarded that plan because it seemed pointless and counterproductive. The stable version has now been out for a little under two months, which gave us enough time to fix remaining bugs and make sure all new features work as expected. (Yeah, we had lots of alphas before and some amazing alpha testers, but I can also understand that many serious production users prefer to wait for the stable release. I mean, I don’t always test alphas either :sweat_smile:)

You can read more about Prodigy Scale and the beta in this thread. The corpus manager is kind of a separate project and will be open-source – but it currently has a lower priority for us (because our main focus is still on Prodigy, Scale and spaCy).