Prodigy - can I use it to classify Json documents?

My company has a list of documents that can be represented as a Json object. Each document can be converted to 2-3 key-value pair tables. We need to look at these documents one by one and annotate them with 'yes/no' labels- essentially, a binary classification task. We are thinking of using a third-party classification tool to achieve that. The result should be easy to load back into the Mongo collection.

Does prodigy allow for display of JSON objects in any shape or form in tasks? Potentially, similar to the "Table" tag in label studio?

Thank you very much!


Hi! You can use Prodigy to annotate pretty much anything you can render in a browser :slightly_smiling_face: So you can stream in your JSON data as the input data and use an HTML template to define how to display the different fields. See hee for details:

For example, you could use a table, which could look something like this:

Alternatively, you could also wrap your JSON in <pre><code> to show the raw markup – this can work for some use cases if the raw data is easier to read than a table etc.

Thank you very much for your response!