Losing tasks while reloading page.


I am using ner.manual right now. It loads fine at the first page load.
But, when I hit reload, the page says “No tasks available.”
Is it the normal behavior of prodigy, or is something unusual happening?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

How many examples are there in your stream? If your stream only consists of one batch, what you’re seeing makes sense – see this thread for background on this:

By default, Prodigy won’t just loop over your data infinitely either – because in most cases, this isn’t really useful and there should be a clear indicator that all batches have been sent out. But Prodigy’s streams are Python generators, so you could just use your own script that re-populates the stream once it’s exhausted and pipe that forward into the recipe. See this section on custom loaders for an example.


“batch_size”: 1 in “prodigy.json” makes sense :slight_smile: