How can I set _prodigy_ cookie's domain separate from host bind address?

I am attempting to run prodigy behind a reverse proxy. Unfortunately, the _prodigy_ cookie's domain is set by the host/PRODIGY_HOST configuration values.

When visiting a prodigy page, the browser console logs: Cookie "_prodigy_" has been rejected for invalid domain.

You can recreate the cookie issue by launching prodigy locally with PRODIGY_HOST= and visiting http://localhost:8080.

I want prodigy to listen on but set the cookie's domain to x.y.z for example. How can I best accomplish this goal?

Hi Jon.

Do you see an error in the console or does the app not load?

You may find this commend insightful in the meantime:


Thanks for the reply and apologies for my tardy follow-up. Unfortunately, I did not get a notification.

The error occurs in the browser console logs. Due to the prodigy server configuration limitation, the cookie is not stored in the browser and re-sent back to the server in a subsequent response.

Maybe the _prodigy_ cookie is not used by the prodigy server.

Let's go over a few checks then.

Could you confirm the Prodigy/Python version just to ensure that you're running a modern version?

Could you confirm that this issue persists across browsers? I'm aware of a few mishaps on the Brave browser.

Is there anything noteworthy when you look at the verbose Prodigy logs? You can view the logs via;

PRODIGY_LOGGING=verbose prodigy ...