hot keys for image classification

I'd like to be able to use hot keys to label images more efficiently. I could use Image Captioning, but in order to save the data, it seems that a mouse click is necessary.

Hi! By image classification, do you mean an interface like this one where you assign one or more labels to images?

If so, you should definitely be able to do the whole end-to-end annotation process via hotkeys :slightly_smiling_face: By default, the choice options are mapped to the number keys, e.g. 1 for the first option. But you can also customize the shortcuts, e.g. {"1": "X", "2": "Y"} to map the first option to X and so on.

If your classification labels are mutually exclusive, you can also set "choice_auto_accept": true in the "config" returned by your recipe to auto-save once an option was selected. Otherwise, you can press "accept" (A or a custom shortcut) to accept and save the annotation.

Yes! Thank you, @ines This is exactly what we are looking for.

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