Having problems with file during ner.manual (Error while validating stream: no first example)

I am running the following code:

!Python -m prodigy ner.manual food_annotations blank:en ./recipes_nutritional.jsonl --label ./labels.csv --patterns food_patterns.jsonl

recipes.nutritional.jsonl is in the following format (first two lines):

food_patterns.jsonl was produced using prodigy and is formatted as follows:

I am getting the following error when running the code:

I have seen one previous support question with the same problem, unfortunately it did not help in my situation. Does anybody know the solution to the problem I'm facing? I would appreciate any help!

The recipes.nutritional.jsonl is the first four lines, not the first two.

Hi! If you look really closely at the format of the input data, you can see that it somehow ended up with some strange markup in the keys – I wonder if something went wrong when you saved/converted the data? For example, the key ends up being "[{\"text": ... and the whole JSON was saved out as a string key, instead of as JSON.

So the error happens because the format isn't a dictionary with the key "text" and Prodigy doesn't know what to load.

Thank you! That solved it