Custom view templates with scripts

@SofieVL Yay, that's nice to hear! And yes, the html_template is currently limited to the html – although I think you can kinda trick the app into using it to render the content in interfaces like choice or classification by passing it an empty "html" property in the task.

Custom CSS and JavaScript are now supported for all interfaces, so you can always do something like this and append elements to the annotation card:

const content = document.querySelector('.prodigy-content')
const button = document.createElement('button')
button.textContent = 'Click me!'
// add event listener / onclick handler etc.
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@ines: you're right, it does kind of work when specifying the html tags in the choice interface properly:

However it looks like you can't actually type in the box. Because as soon as your mouse goes there and selects the box, the radio button is selected instead, and focus moves aways from the text box.

Ah yeah, the choice options weren't really designed to have interactive content in them. So you probbly want to just add the field at the bottom below the options (instead of actually making it an option itself).