Annotations for images

What are the options for annotating images with Prodigy (bounding boxes, segmentation)?
Do single points with a certain meaning also work, e.g. Facial Landmark?

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Hi! You can find more details on the image annotation capabilities here:

To see the interface in action, you can also try the live demos:

This thread has some examples and ideas for how write a custom recipe to plug in a computer vision model and annotate with a model in the loop:

Manual image annotation currently only supports rectangles (i.e. for bounding boxes) and polygons. Adding single points could be a nice addition, though!

The manual image interface is still quite new and not 100% feature complete yet. In general, Prodigy focuses very much on the iterative development workflow, scripting custom annotation flows and connecting the annotation process with machine learning models. If you only need to draw points or shapes onto images, you might find that a much simpler tool is actually a better fit for what you're trying to do.