Annotation Output Options

I indicated an output file when setting up my project in Prodigy, but the output file is an empty. Is it possible to output to a .csv or .tsv file? Is the output only available when all of the data in the project has been annotated?

Hi! When you annotate with Prodigy, the collected annotations are saved to a dataset (by default in a local SQLite database). You don't have to specify an explicit output file, but whenever you're ready to export your data, you can run db-out to save it to a file. The data is available as soon as one example is added to the dataset.

Prodigy uses JSONL (newline-delimited JSON) as its standard format because its more flexible and supports different value types (string, list, integers, booleans, nested data structures). You can see examples of the format here:

You can always convert it to CSV (e.g. using a tool like pandas) if your data has a flat structure. If your annotations are more complex, you'd have to come up with a solution for how to present them in a flat table.

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@ines Is there an option to see more verbose output? I posted this other issue, as I added a checkbox to track STT errors in our data, but the checkbox results are not showing up in my output: Checkbox results do not show up in output, and checkbox state remains checked on each page

hi @cheyanneb!

Have you seen PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic and PRODIGY_LOGGING=verbose?

Here's more details in the documentation. Does this help?

@ryanwesslen I did check the logging output, and I still don't see my checkbox output even with verbose. Not sure where that data lives, if anywhere.