spaCy/prodigy consultants? (4)

Hi, I am looking to hire someone on a short term contract (2-3) months to help develop a domain specific model to recognize entities in that domain given some text. Where is the best place to find people that might do th…

✨ VIDEO: FAQ #1: Tips & tricks for NLP, annotation & training with Prodigy and spaCy (5)

I recorded a new video about frequently asked Prodigy questions (inspired by the forum), and some more general advice about structuting annotation projects, designing label schemes and setting up NLP pipelines :smiley:

✨ Prodigy Annotation Manager Update // Prodigy Scale (4)

Many of you have been asking about how to scale your Prodigy projects – including how to manage more annotators, how to keep multiple feeds running, and how to make sure your annotators stay in agreement. These are chall…

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